Hold Well Industrial Co., Ltd has devoted itself on Research & Develop for (many) years.  According to the customers’ requirements, we design and manufacture various products to meet their needs.  With necessary machinery equipments, various inspection and measuring instruments, ripe R&D experiences, and a professional R&D team, Hold Well could offer a diversity of R&D projects.

What service we can provide? (OEM/ODM)

30-year experiences on R&D project, Production, OEM service of Vise
Wide product range covers Vise, Angle Head Live/Static Tool Holder, and etc.
Accuracy can reach 0.002 mm.
Our service include Software & Hardware design of controller.

How to cooperate?

Offer on Machine Structure Design or OEM Service
Capability of S.W. and H.W. integration to enhance the competitiveness on customer's product.
Solid supply chain and full production capability form the full support for the promotion.
Standard QC procedures and OEM/ODM processes ensure quality products