◎ BT40-ER20 Light Angle Head-Universal (AHL Type)◎ Run-out:0.002 mm◎ Material:Alloy Steel◎ R.P.M.:Max. 6000 RPM◎ Torque:Max. 9 Nm◎ Drilling:Max. 10 mm◎ Tapping:Max. M6◎ Gear Ratio:1:1◎ Standard Accessory:Open End Wrench, ER Wrench, ER Nut◎ Output Rota ...Read more

AHL-BT40-B1.65G Light Angle Head-Universal

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◎ BT40-ER20 Light Angle Head-Universal (AHL Type)
◎ Run-out:0.002 mm
◎ Material:Alloy Steel
◎ R.P.M.:Max. 6000 RPM
◎ Torque:Max. 9 Nm
◎ Drilling:Max. 10 mm
◎ Tapping:Max. M6
◎ Gear Ratio:1:1
◎ Standard Accessory:Open End Wrench, ER Wrench, ER Nut
◎ Output Rotation:Same as Input Rotation

◎  Cutting angle can be set from 0°~ ±120°for various applications.
◎  Compact design provides extra strength, oil-proof, dust-proof, and duration.
◎  Can be automatic tool changed. Increases productivity.
◎  Enclosed Positioning Pin: Cutting Direction can be adjusted from 0~360 degrees. It allows higher clamping torque and cutting direction could remain during the machining.