Standard Accessories :HandleStop Dog

HWY-SV Shaft Vise

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Standard Accessories :
Stop Dog

◎Mechanical. For clamping of shafts. Suitable for horizontal and vertical applications.
◎Alloy Steel Jaw which is flame hardened and precision ground ensures the accuracy.
◎The parallelism and squareness of slots beneath vise vase are very precise. Vise can be quickly positioned and fixed on the machining tables.
◎Hypercapnia Alloy Steel Jaw which is flame hardened to HRC52~56 and precision ground to ensure the accuracy.
◎Two-way jaw design is able to clamp circular workpiece within Ø15~100mm.


Model No. S A H L d K Max. Clamp Force (kg) N.W. (KG)
HWY-SV125 125 200 235 405 15-100 18 1500 40